Eglise Réformée Evangélique d'Orvault
 Eglise Réformée Evangélique d'Orvault

Student Reflections 

Esther (Seattle - USA) - Student at Audencia Business School

When I think back on my time in Nantes, I can’t help but smile and praise God for His provision. From the first Sunday that I stepped foot into this church, I knew I had found a church family. It was such a blessing to be able to worship alongside everyone despite our diverse cultural backgrounds. I wasn’t expecting to connect so well with a church in Nantes but throughout my four months there, I was continually reminded that in Christ, we are all one family, whether we worship in French, English, Chinese or some other language, He can still be praised. I found community and am so grateful that I could walk alongside these friends and do life together with them. It really was special connecting so well with people I hadn’t known for too long, all because of our shared faith in Christ. Though my French wasn’t very good, I appreciated being able to practice my listening skills during sermons while following along in English. People were so hospitable, always having us over to share a meal and chat after service on Sundays. It was during those times that I got to know them better and really fellowship with them. Though I was usually late for Bible study because of French class, I always felt welcome and enjoyed being able to study the Word in a group. I know that the friends that I made at church in Nantes are indeed friends for life. Finding this spiritual family in a completely foreign place was definitely an answer to my prayers. Because He goes with me, I don’t need to fear or worry, because He will provide.


Craig (Michigan USA) - Student at IRFFLE

Moving to Nantes without any friends or biological family could seem to be a frightening ordeal. Yet, as I traveled there from my small town in Michigan, I was hopeful to worship with a local body of believers and see their heart for our Master and King. L'Eglise Evangelique Reformee D'Orvault was where I called home for my five months in Nantes back in the early months of 2014. The need to orient ourselves to God in community as Christians is ever before us (Heb. 10:25), and as I lived shoulder to shoulder with the believers there, I was well nourished (spiritually and physically) and well loved. Not only did I receive solid Biblical teaching in French each Sunday, but every Monday we opened the Scriptures in my heart language as we gathered to study God's word. There were countless moments of being shepherded for which I am eternally grateful. There is much more I could say, but lastly there were many events that provided sweet opportunities to know others and to be known by them as we were simultaneously seeking to know Jesus more. I cherish the moments I had in Nantes and it was an utter delight to be a part of this faithful body of Christ followers while there. 




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